Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bandaging Capitalism/ترقيع الرأسماليه

For months now, or even decades, the Western government lobbied by the International Monetary Fund and American bankers have put up a rescue mission to revive and prolong an economic system that has been destined to crash and crumble.The so called capitalistic system that suppose to run domestic and global economy world wide has come to a halt, from South to north and east to west, people of this earth have been suffering tremendously and severely to keep and utilize an economic system that has failed in every economic category ,from eradicating poverty,minimizing unemployment or even to bring healthy and responsible economic growth have come to standstill.

capitalism is not about employing people, but deploying them,it is well known facts that capitalism seeks profit and only profit, and to implement that ,the system must always find ways to accumulate wealth and profit on the shoulders of working class that were always required to work hard to produce more.